How can digital marketing keep your business running during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Our world was already becoming increasingly dependent on digital services to keep the economy going. But with the Coronavirus outbreak, businesses without a strong digital presence have quickly discovered these holes in their operations.

Even after the Coronavirus pandemic eases, businesses will need to adapt to a national (and global) economy that relies heavily on digital interaction between customers, vendors and more.

To pandemic-proof your business, here are a few of the things you should prioritize:

1. E-commerce & Online Ordering

If you are a business that sells products, and you don’t have e-commerce capabilities, that should be your first step in responding to the new, post-Coronavirus reality. And if you’re already selling products online using a third-party platform, having more control over the messaging for customers is also important.

For many small businesses, e-commerce seems like it will be difficult and costly to achieve. But Vaughn Austin Creative has the tools and expertise to help any small business get their products online, even if your budget is limited.

Another industry that needs to have an online presence, especially now, is small restaurants. Giving your customers a way to order to-go orders without having to pick up the phone can increase your restaurant’s staying power in hard times.

From building the initial infrastructure of your e-commerce-ready website, developing digital menus, or writing content for product pages, our small business e-commerce services can help your business stay afloat during uncertain times.

2. Strong business management systems

Working remotely is predicted to become more common after this current outbreak. Having the capability to allow employees to work from home can be the difference between a small business surviving and folding. Virtual meeting software is great, but if your small business is having employees work from home for the first time, you’ve probably recognized that it can’t solve every problem.

How are you keeping up with clients? Tracking time? Making phone calls?

Vaughn Austin Creative has extensive experience in helping small businesses find the business management solutions they need like:

  • VOIP phone systems that allow employees to seamlessly make and receive calls from home without using their own cell phone;
  • Customer relationship management systems that allow teams to collaborate on client files in real time, even if they are miles apart;
  • Consulting on the best hardware and software to keep everyone working, in and out of the office.

External marketing is useless if you don’t have the internal infrastructure to fulfill new business. Vaughn Austin Creative can get your small business in a good place, even if everyone has to work from home for an extended period of time.

3. Content marketing strategy

Without a strong plan, it’s impossible for a business to effectively communicate with their audience – especially when something like the Coronavirus pandemic occurs. However, having a comprehensive content marketing plan to guide your web content, blogs, email marketing, and social media posts will give your small business a great foundation to pivot from.

Many small businesses publish content irregularly, without the proper planning and strategy to make sure it will reach the right people at the right time. Vaughn Austin Creative can help your small business develop and execute a content marketing strategy that will keep you communicating with your customers, even during a crisis.

Few small businesses were fully prepared for the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. But you CAN be prepared for the changes that will happen once this current crisis ends. Experts believe this outbreak will fundamentally change the way our global economy functions. Vaughn Austin Creative’s small business digital marketing services can help you face the future with confidence.

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